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Glossary:  Module 6

        All informal definitions are based on

my own experience and knowledge

Term: Probability

         Informal Definition:

Probability is a number that tells the likelihood that an

event will happen.

Formal Definition:

Probability is the chance that something will happen.

Definition from:  

Example of Probability:

 Example from:

Term: Outcome

         Informal Definition:

Outcome is the final product.

Formal Definition:

Outcome is the result of a single trial of an experiment.

Definition from: math

Example of Outcome:

Example from:

Term: Independent Event

         Informal Definition:

Independent events are consecutive events that do not

depend on what happened previously.

Formal Definition:

Independent events are events in which the outcome of one

event does not affect the outcome of the other event.

Definition From:

Example of Independent Event:

Example from:

Term: Tree Diagram 

     Informal Definition:

 A tree diagram is a visual aid that shows all feasible


Formal Definition:

A tree diagram is a graphic organizer that shows all the

possible outcomes of an event.

 Definition from:

Example of Tree Diagram

Example from:

Term: Pascal’s Triangle

         Informal Definition:

Pascal’s Triangle is a triangle of numbers where every

number is the sum of the two numbers above it.

Formal Definition:

Pascal’s Triangle is the arrangement of the binomial

coefficients in a pattern.

Definition from:  

Example of Pascal’s Triangle 


Example from: 


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  1. I love the graphics that you used on this blogpost!

  2. pjhutton ⋅


    You definitions are easy for kids to understand and the images really work well.


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