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Web Resources To Help Teach Functions to Elementary School Students……

As you know the web is a fabulous resource for both the teacher and the student.  The amount of material you can find can be overwhelming.  I have found a few sites that might be useful in your never-ending quest for great material to help you be the best teacher.

The focus for these sites were ones that could help teach functions


This is a great site if your teaching any grade K-8.  The resources on this site are endless. The author has a wide variety of fun ideas and games for both teacher and student.  This would be also be a great resource if a student needs some extra practice with a concept at home.


I like the idea of introducing function tables as a type of machine. Math Playground has a function machine that students of various skill levels can explore input/ output concepts.  This site also has a short video section called, “How to Do Almost Anything in Math.”  This is a great resource for struggling students or students that might need more challenge.


Math is Fun is a great website that explains math concepts in a straight forward easy to understand manner.  It is colorful and has lots of visuals illustrating concepts.

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There are several things I like about The Kids Zone website.  The first being that it has a great online graph maker that lets you graph coordinates.  The “Grab Bag” and “Chances” sections are what I really like about this website.  These aren’t your usual math quizzes and games.  They have famous mathematician fun facts and quotes. They also have finding math in art.  This site connects math to real people and places.


3 responses to “Web Resources

  1. pjhutton ⋅

    What a great list of resources! The math playground site is a new one for me and I can already see myself spending quite a bit a time there. The videos are wonderful for reinforcing skills as well as for kids who might miss a particular lesson.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Jennifer, I’m glad you included it is one of my favorite websites for the same reasons that you listed above. Great job! thanks for the resources!
    Erika Chang

  3. eluevano

    As always I love to look at your work because it is so well done and very well thoughtout. I bookmarked your websites because they were very helpful 🙂 thank you!

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