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Glossary:  Module 3

*all informal definitions are based on
 my own experience and knowledge

Term: Deductive Reasoning

       Informal Definition:  drawing a conclusion based on

observations or statements

A good example of deductive reasoning is watching how

a detective works. He collects clues and then draws a conclusion

based on the clues he collects.

Formal Definition:

To arrive at a conclusion using facts, definitions, rules, or properties

Definition from:

Example of Deductive Reasoning:


Example from:

Term: Inductive Reasoning

       Informal Definition: 

Coming to a conclusion based on general conclusions

You take specific information and draw general


Formal Definition:

Mathematical induction is a method generally used to prove

or establish that a given statement is true for all natural numbers

Definition from:

Example of Inductive Reasoning:

Example from:

Term: Operation

       Informal Definition:

An activity that works to change numbers

Formal Definition:

a mathematical process applied to solve a problem

Definition from:

Examples of Operation:


Examples from:  



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  1. pjhutton ⋅


    Your informal definitions are very kid friendly and the formal versions are direct and to the point. I love the addition of the graphics and if I were one of your students I’d definitely use this glossary.


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